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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Green Lamp - Chick Fil A

Orange Wristwatch - Chick Fil A

Cow Mascot Standing - Chick Fil A

Cow Mascot Plush - Chick Fil A

Berenstein Bears and the Golden Rule - Chick Fil A

Blue Box - Chick Fil A

Friendship Watch - Chick Fil A

Green Wristwatch - Chick Fil A

Veggie Tales - Chick Fil A

Cow Mascot Seated - Chick Fil A

Red Wristwatch - Chick Fil A

Bear Paw - Chick Fil A

Lucy Van Pelt - Carls Jr

Charlie Brown - Carls Jr

Despicable Me - Carls Jr

Puss in Boots Pin ball Game - Carls Jr

Eerie Indiana - Carls Jr

Mr Tickle - Arbys

Mitten - Arbys

Yogi Bear - Arbys

Mr Strong Arbys

Green Apple - Hardees

Green Dino Hardees

Pink Pokemon - Hardees

Travolta 2000 Yellow Sneakers - Hardees

Star Wars Top - BK

Chuckie Rugrats - BK

Pink Cat Pokemon - BK

Spotted Zhu Zhu Pets - BK

Green Dog Robot - BK

Anastasia - BK

Squidward Spongebob - BK

Cat in the Hat BK

Slimer BK

Green Dino Robot BK

Gray Cat Robot BK

Wild Wild West BK