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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Blue Orange Sonic McD

Barney McD

Fur Real Friends Hasbro 2008 - McD

 FUR REAL January 11 - February 14, 2008

Red Car McD

Blue Light Gray Bionicle McD

Green Tonka Truck McD

Sonic McD

Brown Orange Squirrel McD Littlest Pet Shop

R2D2 keychain McD

Gray Black BK

Planet 51 BK

Patrick BK

Brunette CPK BK

Collie Marmaduke BK

Anakin Star Wars BK

Green Tamer Spongebob BK

Brown hair Red Blue CPK BK

Iron Man BK

Red Robots BK

Blue Gray Red Transformers BK

Black uniform BK

Orange Fire BK

Red Blue Little Tikes BK

Dark Blue Spiderman BK

Black Light Gray Transformers BK

Skyblue Warthog Neopets BK

Green Frog McD

Beige Puppy Littlest Petshop McD

Gogo Wackston

Gogo Wackston the Dodo (full name revealed in K-Acme TV) is a cartoon character from the Warner Bros. animated television series, Tiny Toon Adventures. He is one of the most frequently recurring characters on the show. Gogo is voiced by Frank Welker. Gogo is a young, green male dodo, who wears blue shoes, has a purple collar and a pink and purple umbrella sticking out from the top of his head. He attends Acme Looniversity and lives in Wackyland. According to series writer, Paul Dini, Gogo is the only character from Tiny Toon Adventures who is related to a Looney Tunes character; in this case, Gogo was the son of the original dodo from the 1938 Looney Tunes cartoon, Porky in Wackyland. Gogo is noted for performing various bizarre sight gags or stunts. He is capable of morphing himself into anything he chooses, usually for a laugh. Furthering this end, Gogo made his home in the Daliesque realm known as Wackyland, a surreal land where backgrounds changed constantly and denizens include giant eyeballs, Picasso-styled faces and zanies with their heads on upside down. The entrance is located across a bridge on the outskirts of the city of Acme Acres, the usual setting of Tiny Toon Adventures. Gogo and Wackyland are considered bizarre and nonsensical by even the lax standards of the cast, and the latter is usually explicitly avoided. Gogo is not only a student at Acme Loo, but also serves as a hall monitor and performs other duties, such as acting as a cuckoo bird for the Looniversity's various clocks and umpire during sports games.

Spring Bear Build A Bear 2007 McD

Orange Furby McD

Black Robed Guy McD

Brunette Barbie McD

Gray Red Yellow MegaMind McD

Sid Ice Age McD

Gray Yellow Blue Vehicle McD

Green Gray Bionicle Lego McD

Genie Disney Aladdin McD

1990s VTG Disney's Aladdin McDonalds Happy Meal Toy Genie w/Wedding Cake Topper

Dark Blue car McD