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Friday, September 28, 2012

Z Bear Christmas Alphabet Bears McDonalds

Y Bear Christmas Alphabet Bears McDonalds

X Bear Alphabeth Teddy

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F Bear McDonalds Happy Meal 2007

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Wheres Waldo


Voltar League of Super Evil

Voltar (voiced by Scott McNeil): Volatr is the main protagonist of the series, he is an evil-obsessed, ill-tempered, pint-sized leader of the League of Super Evil. Voltar is described as an evil maniacal genius, but his dreams of power are constantly thwarted by a variety of factors; usually his arrogance, his paranoia, his neurosis, the incompetence of his subordinates and often his own childish demeanour as well as his plans are more irritating than evil. He is prone to verbose rantings accompanied by dramatic hand gestures. When he is not wearing his full costume, it is shown that Voltar has abnormally pale skin. He also has eyes that are all-over black with glowing yellow irises, even without his helmet. While his actual age is unclear (he appears to suffer from Napoleon complex; he kept his small size into adulthood, which has often led other people to mistake him for a child), he has been shown to be at least old enough to rent an apartment on his own. Although his schemes usually end in disaster, he did achieve a world record of sorts: most failed attempts at breaking an evil record (though this record is destroyed by Skullossus for his own record of "Number of awards destroyed - 352"). Voltar is arrogant and haughty, looking down on his teammates who nevertheless have a certain (though limited) amount of respect for his authority. Voltar keeps a pet iguana as revealed in "The Night Before Chaos-mas" He appears to be named after the philosopher Voltaire. In a Season 2 short, it is revealed Voltar keeps a monster under his bed made by Frogg to scare away the tooth fairy. Also, in Season 2, it is revealed Voltar keeps an old superhero cape he's named Mr. Wubby as a blanket. It is revealed in "Once Upon A LOSE" that he used to be a hall monitor at superhero kiddie college, but because he wasn't nominated for a place in the Legion of Glory, he turned to darkness and along with the other young LOSE members, got revenge by enacting his first evil deed of ruining a prom at the school. also at the end of "Doomhound in Love" he blushes alittle and smiles as he walks away from 'lighting liz' showing that he might have a secret crush on liz but denies the fact since she is a super hero, not a villain. Voltar is proven to be prone to insanity, like he can't sleep without his blanket Mr. Wubby and also his teddy bear and gets very angry when his lucky and only pair of underwear is stolen. Voltar is also a big fan of Metrotown's best singer Prima Dana, who is also liked a lot by Skullossus.

Snoopy Plane

Playskool Blue Car - Wendys 1

Open Season Bear

Open Season 3

Mr Potato Head Playskool Wendys

League Wendys

Reginald "Red" Menace

Reginald "Red" Menace (voice by Colin Murdock): Referred to as Red by L.O.S.E. (which takes on a double meaning due to his freckle-faced, redheaded visage), he is the strong and dimwitted muscle of the group, but also a gentle giant. He only uses his "anvil-sized Fists of Judgment" on truly evil people. He was originally a Siberian farm boy (hence the origin of the name Red Menace - a dated Cold War reference to the Soviet Union and Communism), although he is very fluent in English.[1] Voltar does not consider Red to be "evil". Always cheerful and willing to lend a helping hand to those in need, Red enjoys gardening in his spare time, and loves cute little animals. Although he is quite childlike and naive, and lacks some bits and pieces of common knowledge, it has been shown that he is actually highly intelligent (In "School Daze", the arcade trivia game, "Brain Dump", calculates Red's intelligence as "Triple Einstein"). He has often proven himself to be the "problem-solver" of the group, either through purposeful, genuine insight, or merely by accidental observation. His often-shown taste for extremely unpalatable foods belie his above-average cooking ability. Despite his motto: "Leave no villain behind", Red is not very helpful when it comes to Doktor Frogg being eaten by Doomageddon, and rather than treat it like a serious problem of temperament, he mostly dismisses it as normal canine hijinks. According to Frogg in "Gameageddon", he suffers from "Fully Aggresive Recreational Tournament Syndrome" or "FARTS", which can cause him to go on a very destructive rampage, hinting that Red may have a slight exposure to insanity. (Frogg mentioned Red thought the game of "Puppies in a Basket", which LOSE were playing earlier, was real). It is revealed in "Once Upon a LOSE" that he and the other LOSE members first met in superhero kiddie college.

Crimson Chin

The Crimson Chin is a comic book hero who resides in the city of Chincinnati, protecting his fictional universe from a variety of different metal or body-part themed villains. The Chin is voiced by Jay Leno of late night comedy fame, who is known for having a large chin in real life. The Crimson Chin wears typical uni-colored (in this case, crimson red) spandex outfit, is extremely muscular and has a massive, exaggerated chin made to parody uncreative comic book hero designs from the 1960s. The Crimson Chin speaks metaphors in most occasions, he does this heavily when the world was turned into a comic world, and ended up running out of metaphors by the end of the episode. He also seems to be supremely intelligent, taunting Short-Fuse to spill out the cage's weakness and break out of it from the outside by provoking Short-Fure and causing the latter to explode in anger. He also doesn't mind if his powers get taken away, as he is positive about normal people and defeated the Nega Chin without it, with the help of other normal 'heroes'; Timmy and his friends.


Henchbots: L.O.S.E.'s two Henchbots 17 and 32 are constantly falling apart. They are usually destroyed in every episode they appear in. Their duties usually include menial house-hold tasks such as taking out the trash or cleaning Doomageddon's radioactive messes. Another of their duties is to play Voltar's dramatic and evil music. They constantly mess this up though and play Polka music instead. Most of the time whenever they are given a job, they fall apart while doing it. A running gag is that they're regularly eaten by Doomageddon only to be later pilfered from his stomach contents. They are apparently rare antiques as mentioned by Evil Stevens in the episode "Henchbot Elites".

Hops March 25 2000 Hardee's KidCO

Yogi Bear - Jollibee

Yoda Star Wars Jollibee

Wonder Woman Jolibee

Wile E Cayote - Jollibee

Whimpy Jollibee

Twirlie with mushroom

Twirlie pointing

Twirlie as an astronaut

Tweety Bird Christmas


The Champ Sitting - Jollibee