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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Furby Orange with spots - McDonalds

Furby Light blue - McDonalds

Furby black - McDonalds

Dot Bugs Life - McD

Forever Friends Duck by Debora Jones

Feed the Hippo Happy Meal

Ewok Star wars

Emperor Zurg McDonalds

Elephant McDigi 2011 Happy Meal

Eeyore Train McDonalds Happy Meal Disney

Donkey Shrek

Donald Duck Walk of Fame

Donald Duck 100 Years of Disney Magic McDonalds

Donald Duck

Dolphin TY Beanie Babies

Dog Teenie Beanie Babies McDonalds

Dog Farmyard Animals Mcdonalds Happy Meal 1999

Dinosaur McDO

Dino Chi Green - McDonalds

Dim A Bugs Life Disney Pixar

Dear Daniel Sanrio

DC Comics McDonalds Happy Meal Gorilla

Daughter of Prince and Eric and Ariel Disney

Dalmatian with Mickey hat

Dalmatian The Dog Happy Meal McDonald

Dale Disney McDonalds Happy Meal

Cub from Lion King II Simbas Pride McDonalds Happy Meal Cub

Croodile Peter Pan Disney Happy Meal McDonalds

Dear Daniel McDonald Happy Meal

Corn Man

Copyright 2009 Fox McDonalds Happy Meal

Cooking Smurf

Cogsworth Beauty and the Beast Disney McDonalds Happy Meal

Clumsy Smurf

Christmas Baarbie McDonalds Happy Meal

Chippetes Alvin and the Chipmunks

Croc Happy Meal Universal Picturess Visual Programming Ltd Sitting Ducks


Courage the Cowardly Dog - McDonalds

Country Bear McDonalds Happy Meal Disney