Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Benjamin Blümchen 2015 Europe - Germany - McD

In 1977, Benjamin Blümchen's success story as the first elephant in the world Weather. Since then the talking pachyderm has made ​​a unique career - and his famous is no longer an integral part of the children's rooms "Törööö!"!

 Benjamin the Elephant ... is a talking elephant and the children's best friend

 The Stories ...
      • offer tales of today for today's children
      • are versatile narratives that exciting and absolutely free of violence
      • teach values ​​such as helpfulness, friendship & Team spirit

 The Benjamin the Elephant brand ...
      • celebrates in 2012 its 35th anniversary
      • has a brand awareness of 98% in the target group (source: icon kids & youth 2010 supported)
      • is considered long-running in all children's entertainment Charts
      • touring as a musical for the second time by the German-speaking countries
      • is awarded umpteen times! - Ua was the NDS game honored "A Day at the Zoo" with the Giga-Maus 2009

Benjamin the elephant since 1989 continuously in TV: Since 2002: 52 TV episodes of 26 minutes regularly SuperRTL, Disney Channel and Playhouse Disney.


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