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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bugs Bunny WB - JB

Green Fries Kid 1989 - McD

Yellow Pokemon 1999 - BK

Space Jam 1996 WB - McD

Riddler 1993 DC - McD

Hamtaro Pink 2005 - McD

Crocodile 2006 - McD

Robots 2005 Fox - BK

Robot Red Butt 2005 Fox - BK

Nutty Rodney Squirrel Boy Squirrel 2007 CN - McD

Rodney Jared Squirrel is an anthropomorphic American red squirrel and protagonist. His "childish" antics add humor and personality to the series. He often slacks off while Andy does all the work and is frequently annoying Andy's father, Mr. Johnson. Rodney once saved Mr. Johnson's life by accidentally landing on him, therefore releasing a cheese log that Mr. Johnson choked on; however, Mr. Johnson still disliked Rodney afterwards. He had a sailor's hat once and was convinced it sold sandwiches; it was actually a twelve-pack (of sailor hats). He apparently cannot write, shown when Rodney is writing a goodbye note, and is actually a bunch of squiggles, vertical and horizontally; when he tries to spell Andy's name, he spells it "Adny". He once received a letter about being a blue-tailed "stump fumbler". Rodney says he "dyed it". He is in love with a yellow female squirrel named Darlene and has a cousin named Eddie, who is a flying squirrel. Rodney usually sleeps in a cardboard box next to Andy's bed. He was a replacement coach for a Little League team called "The Fighting Worms" that used to be coached by Mr. Johnson. He is the leader of The Rod Squad. He has a craving for sticky buns and almost risked his life to get some. He and Andy's favorite cereal is Puffy Pirate Shirt Puffs (a parody of Captain Crunch). Voiced by Richard Horvitz.

Miss Piggy 2000 Henson

Tantor Disney Tarzan 1999 - McD

Superman 1999 -DC - KFC

Danny Dancing Cat 1997 - Subway

Popo - JB

Sinbad 2003 Dreamworks - BK

Scooby Doo 1996 HB - BK

Rocket 2001 Vicom - BK

Rugrats Twin 1998 BK

Goosebumps Parachute Press Inc Strottman Intl

Pacha Emperors New Groove Disney 2001 - McD

Mr Fantastic 2005 Marvel - BK

Macaroon Time for Treats 2013 McD

Teacher Recess Disney McD

Ringwraith LOTR - BK

CPK 1992 Red Dress - McD

Ice Skater CPK 1992 - McD

Santas Helper CPK 1994 McD

Sleeping with Teddy CPK 1992 - McD

Red Pokemon - KFC

Raichu Pokemon Nintendo 3 - KFC

Polywhirl Nintendo - KFC

Mushroom Pokemon - KFC

Lickitung Nintendo - KFC

Legolas LOTR - BK

Odie - PAWS - JB

Hello Kitty Gift 2012 - McD

Hello Kitty 2012 - McD

Hello Kitty with Valentine Gift 2012 McD

Hello Kitty Hot Air Balloon 2012 - McD

Principal Skinner - Simpson 2001 Fox - BK

Monsters inc 2001 Disney Pixar - McD

Millhouse - Simpson 2001 BK

Sonic Americas Drive In Trust 1997 - Sonic

Thing 1 Thing 2 Dr Seuss - BK

Saruman LOTR - BK

CUBIX Cinepix, Daiwon and 4kids - 2000- BK

Lord of the Rings BK