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Sunday, November 28, 2021

Percy Bear sings "Tuloy na Tuloy pa rin Ang Pasko"


My Comic Strip for November 29, 2021


Christmas Super Loaf (Marby 2021)


Breakfast Joy (Jollibee 2021)

 Jollibee's Breakfast Joys are really a Joy to the palette. I am particularly drawn to the longanisa meal every time I have my breakfast at Jollibee. With a perfect Sunnyside up egg, scrumptious fried rice and a piping hot chocolate drinks, I am most satisfied. The two longanisa or local sausages is by far the best that I've ever tasted.

Rose - Black Pink (Pepsi 2021)


Jennie - Black Pink (Pepsi 2021)


Liza - Black Pink (Pepsi 2021)


Jisoo - Black Pink (Pepsi 2021)


Jisoo -Black Pink (Pepsi 2021)


Jennie - Black Pink (Pepsi 2021)


Coke Orange Vanilla


Coke Vanilla


Cowboys of Moo Mesa

 I used to watched the Cowboys of Moo Mesa when I was kid on Channel 5. I thought it was really funny that the cowboys in the show aren't really cowboys but cows. I joked with my friends that technically they're cowcows. To this day I still find that witty repatee from moi hilarious. Ha ha ha


Colonel Sanders - KFC (Pocket Pop)

 Otep, a good friend of mine was able to this for me. I already have the regular sized Funko Pop Colonel Sanders but to have this pint sized or diminutive version of the Colonel brought an additional teenie weenie smile on my face. Although a bit pricey for a toy this size, I was able to willingly shell out a generous amount of money in December of 2020. 

McFlurry (McDonald's)


Beijing Olympics (Coke 2008)


Forest Friends - Disney (Jack and Jill Pretzels)


Flora - Disney (Jack and Jill Pretzels)


Fauna - Disney (Jack and Jill Pretzels)


Merryweather - Disney (Jack and Jill Pretzels)


Prince - Disney (Jack and Jill Pretzels)


Aurora - Disney (Jack and Jill Pretzels)


Maleficent - Disney (Jack and Jill Pretzels)