Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Happy Meal Benjamin the Elephant/Bibi and Tina 2015 Germany - McD

1989 visited Bibi in the episodes "The riding part 1 and 2" for the first time the Martinshof where she meets Tina and her family. The trip is not without consequences, because of the exciting stories on horse created from 1991 the hit series "Bibi & Tina".

Characteristics: Bibi & Tina ... 
    • are best friends
    • possess great love for animals
    • are close to nature and adventurous

The Stories ... 
    • make friendship, Pferdeabenteuer and Bibis witchcraft in the center
    • offer many possibilities of identification for young girls

The Bibi & Tina brand ... 
    • brand is considered high potential
    • celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2011
    • has> 85% awareness in the target group (source: icon kids & youth 2010 supported)

TV coverage 2011: regularly in ZDF, Junior on Ki.Ka & TV

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