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Saturday, December 11, 2021

Pokka Milk Shake

Amazing Grace is...


Pepsi Sundin Ang Puso

Amazing Grace is...


Lipa Coconut Water

Amazing Grace is...

a Lipa Coconut Water drink. This is by far one of the most refreshing drink that I've ever tasted especially when it is ice cold. It's like drinking the real water that you get from the real coconut.

7-Elevan Coffee


Tokyo Disneyland Christmas 🎄 Mug


Nestle Ice Cream Baby Ruth


Nestle Ice Cream Crunch


Nestle Ice Cream Kit Kat


Dr Pepper Cherry


Royal Grapes 🍇


Fanta Strawberry 🍓


Sarsi Can

Super Chill Grapes 🍇




Coke Cherry




San Miguel Commemorative bottle


Super Chill Strawberry 🍓


Lucky Me Supreme - Seafood


Luckye Supreme - La Paz Batchoy


Nestle Milo


Naughty Boy


Coke Christmas


Coke Zero Christmas


Coke Friend Can


7-Up Cherry




Polka Fuji Apple


Diet Coke Christmas


Mello Yello


Mello Yello


100 years of Coke


Drive Refreshed Mug (Coke)


Shop Refreshed Mug (Coke)

Coke Mug


San Miguel Light


Sarsi Light


7-Up Fido Dido


Mountain Dew


Mug Root beer Can


Merry Christmas Mug


Diet A&W Can


Nescafe Red Mug


Tropicana Juice Plus Calcium Boost