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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Morph - Disney's Treasure Planet (McDonald's 2002)


Maggie Simpson (Burger King 2001)


Jill Paper Doll (Jack and Jill Pretzels)

As a kid, Jack and Jill mascot were sort of iconic because you can always see them when we buy a box of our favorite Pretzels snack. When I saw these paper dolls at the back of the box, I was thrilled. I grabbed my own brand of exacto knife to give this doll neat edges and I must say I was particularly impressed with how this paper doll turned out. 

Jack Paper Doll (Jack and Jill Pretzels)


Snoopy Plane (McDonald's)


Cindy Lou Who (Grinch the movie)




Coke Spinner (Burger King)

 I bought this fast food toy back in the day when Burger King is still a novelty in the Philippines. I remember the first time I stepped in Burger King Restaurant. I was really very impressed but nothing prepared me for the soda fountains that were located in the middle of the establishment and is very accessible to everyone for a Drink all you can Offering. Oh, boy! It was a Soda Extravaganza heaven for all soda aficionado. I sort of decided to create my own concoction by mixing Coke with Sprite with Grape juice and Apple Juice. Let's just say that it's an acquired taste to enjoy the result of my experimentation. 

M & M Plain Orange


M & M Plain Red


M & M Plain Brown


M & M Plain Yellow


M & M Peanut Green


M & M Peanut Red


Twirlie Organizer (Jollibee)


Yum Organizer (Jollibee)


Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel Salt and Pepper Shaker ( Sanrio)

Gift Gate launched a contest called Dress Up your Hello Kitty. I joined the contest because I thought my idea is a sure win. I dress the gentle Hello Kitty into the feisty Catwoman. I guess the stark contrast to the personalities of this two characters is quite intriguing. Anyway, to make the long story short, I did win the contest and I won loads of prizes from Gift Gate one of which is this Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel ceramic Salt and Pepper Shaker.

Patty and Jimmy (Sanrio)

My introduction to Japan's Sanrio is not Hello Kitty as one might immediately expect, rather it's this dynamic duo, Patty and Jimmy. When we were kids, Hello Kitty was no yet conceived but I remember us having school supplies like bags, erasers and stationaries with the likeness of Patty and Jimmy. Unfortunately, the popularity of this tandem was superceded by the Hello Kitty which apparently cast them into oblivion. I guess kids nowadays are oblivious of this predecessor of their beloved Hello Kitty. I am thankful that I chanced upon this rare toy of Patty and Jimmy which inevitably threw me into a fit of nostalgia back in the day when they were the Superstars of Sanrio

LEGO Plane (McDonald's)


LEGO Bird (McDonald's)


Fossie Bear (McDonald's)


Hello Kitty (Eight O' Clock Orange Juice)


Cerelac Blue Bear


Boogie - Shirt Tales

 I have always loved  Hanna Barbera's Shirt Tales. I remember as a kid I will gather up my younger siblings to watch the Shirt Tales. What made them even more unforgettable was the fact that the first time I stepped into the first gigantic SM City in North EDSA, the Shirt Tales are the most popular cartoons back then. The mall was saturated with all these menagerie of Shirt Tales merchandise. There were stuff toys, shirts, notebooks, posters, pens including this fancy bookmark of Boogie. I am glad that I was able to vouchsafe it the care it needs to maintain its pristine condition after all these years.

Coke Glass (McDonald's 2020)


Budweiser Glass


Chuckie Mug (KFC)


Rocky - Guardians of the Galaxy (McDonald's)


San Miguel Beer Can (2021)


Swiss Miss Tin (2021)


Christmas Danish Cookies Tin (Kimmy 2021)


Christmas Tall Cup (Starbucks 2021)


Captain Americarica Cereal Bowl (Kellogg's 2021)


Thor (Kellogg's 2021)


My Comic Strip for December 8, 2021


My Comic Strip for December 7, 2021