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Sunday, December 5, 2021

Spider Man (Kellogg's Froot Loops 2021)


Last December 4, 2021, I decided to go to Glorieta Makati. I was hoping to find some nifty Christmas products in the Supermarket but what I found is this awesome Kellogg's Froot Loops featuring the Amazing Spiderman. This box gives two exclusive Spiderman premium items i.e. the mask and the bag tag. The box in itself is definitely going to be a priced collectible as far as I'm concerned.

25th Anniversary of Pokemon (Lucky Charms 2021)


I just love this particular box of Cereals from Lucky Charms which features the 25th Anniversary of Pokemon. I was extremely elated when I found out that it's still available in Glorieta Makati Supermarket. The longevity and the immense influence of Pokemon have made them a significant part of my collection. It is but fitting that I also have this box which pays homage to Pokemon.

Lucky Charms Cereals (2021)


This is first the Lucky Charms Cereals that I bought ever. Normally, we have Nestle and Kellogg's breakfast cereals but the ones from General Mills are a tad expensive. Thank goodness, I chanced upon them on a Buy One Take One Offer. I can't wait to have the Lucky Charms for breakfast. Who knows I just might get Lucky.

50th Anniversary Starbucks Tumbler (2021)

Did you know? Starbucks recently celebrated its 50th Anniversary. As part of this momentous feat, Starbucks gave away these nifty tumblers which you buy for 200 pesos or more but this time we got them for free whenever you purchase any Grande concoctions of Starbucks. I was able to procure about 7 of these tumblers since I am completing my 18 stickers to avail of the free awesome merch from Starbucks. Happy 50th Anniversary Starbucks!!! 

Starbucks To Go (2021)

 Coffee for Two? I just love this cardboard contraption from Starbucks that holds so efficaciously 2 hot coffee concoctions. Well, I just have to buy 2 since Starbucks is offering honky-dory tumbler free with every purchase of. Grande drink.

Small Paper Cup (McDonald's 2021)


Holiday Pringles Nutcracker (Original 2021)


Holiday Regular Coke (2021)


Holiday Coke Zero (2021)


Holiday Danish Cookies Tin (2021)

 This fancy Christmas tin containing delicious dainty butter cookies is a gift by our boss in the Manila Bulletin Advertising Department, Mr. Arman Cabrera. It was a very early Christmas gift which brought a lot of smiles from all of us. Thank you and Merry Christmas, Sit Arman.

Hershey's Kitchen (2021)