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Saturday, November 27, 2021

Ronald McDonald?!?


Jimmy Neutron




Red - Fraggle Rock


Amazing Grace Christmas Peanut Butter 2021


Wonder Woman (Dr. Pepper)


Cadbury 5 Star (2021)


Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Bar 2021


Cadbury Oreo 2021


Spaceship (Cadbury Lickables 2021)


Christmas ­čî▓ Stocking (Cadbury 2021)


Starbucks Christmas Cup 2021


Starbucks Christmas Cup 2021


Mini Stop Ketchup 2021


Uncle John Fried Chicken (Mini Stop 2021)


Pringles Nutcracker 2021


Kentucky Fried Chicken Meal 2021


Green Coke Aluminum Can (McDonald's 2021)


Red Coke Aluminum Can (McDonald's 2021)


We Bare Bears (Macao 2021)


Popeyes Soda Cup 2021


Popeyes Biscuit 2021


Popeyes Chicken Meal 2021


Popeyes Orange Bag 2021


Cars Disney (PEZ dispenser)


Speedy Gonzales PEZ dispenser)


Sanrio Cat (PEZ dispenser)


Monkey (PEZ dispenser)


Valentine (PEZ)


Coke Santa Claus


Coke Santa Clause


Wonder Woman (Dr. Pepper)


Manny Pacquiao (Uni-Pak Sardines 2021)


Manny Pacquiao (Uni-Pak Sardines 2021)


Coke Canister from Jackie


Yakult Mascot


Cadbury Christmas Surprise 2021


M & M Mini Blue

 I was amused when I got a chance to see this M & M character. I thought this is the offspring or the younger sibling of the M & M Blue. The toy is a soft delicate plushie toy that's why I decided to put it in a jar just to protect it from dusts and other elements that could possibly deteriorate the toys pristine condition.

Jollibee Tumbler 2021

 This Jollibee Coke Tumbler was given by my brother Jun. This tumbler is ornately designed with a bunch of iconic destination places in the Philippines. I was a little upset when some really coffee which resulted to the wrinkly effect on what used to be sleek shiny facade. Oh, well.

Dinner at Popeyes November 27, 2021

I decided to have a selfie while waiting for my dinner at Popeyes. I am having the Two piece chicken with the delicious buttery biscuit. Yum.


My Comic Strip for November 28, 2021