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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Amazing Grace is... a Twirlie toy from Jollibee!!!

 Did you know?

Twirlie is the dessert mascot of the Philippine fast food chain Jollibee, and one of the main characters in the TV show Jollitown. She is a girl who is very talented and good at acting, singing, and dancing. Her theme color is Violet. Twirlie is the younger sister of Mr. Yum. Originally, she had short brown hair (later long and tied in twin tails), brown eyes, a white and red buttoned dress decorated with strawberries (later sundaes) white socks and red shoes with white soles and green knots. In 2008, her design changed drastically. Her hair now has a cream fringe and is tied in an updo that resembles an ice cream sundae, and has a silver headband with two stars. She now wears a pink minidress with white swirls in the center, a belt with her name on it, a purple coat with lilac frills, purple leggings and pink boots with lighter pink frills. In the first episode Jollitown, her design was different. Instead of headbands, she wore star sunglasses, and her jacket was a cardigan.