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Tuesday, January 30, 2018


Did you know? 
Hetty is the Spaghetti mascot of the Philippine fast food chain Jollibee, and one of the main characters of the children's TV show Jollitown. She is a cheerleader. She is always ready to surprise and make everyone happy. Her theme color is Pink. Hetty is the twin sister of Popo Potato. Appearance Classic Hetty Hetty's classic appearance. Hetty is at a medium height with fair skin, brown eyes and long blonde spaghetti-like hair in pigtails. Originally, her hair had red spots (resembling sauce) and a blue headband. She wore overalls with puffed sleeves, white socks with pink and blue stripes on each side, and sneakers. In the 2008 redesign, she no longer has red spots on her hair, and now wears a cheerleader outfit with magenta and light pink colors.