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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Motorcycle Oldemark 1996 - Wendys 2

Dinosaurs Disney - McD

Ronald Cellphone 2010 - McD

Glo Worm Wendys

Inspector Gadget 1991 - BK

Donnie TMNT 2014 Phils - McD

Donnie TMNT 2014 Phils - McD 3

Raph TMNT 2014 Phils - McD 3

Ren Hoek - Hardees

Marland Timothy. "Ren" Höek: Ren is a scrawny "asthma-hound" Chihuahua with a floppy body, donkey-like ears, neon-pink eyes with dark red pupils, red (or sometimes light brown) eyelids, and a fairly long, rat-like, pink tail who often calls Stimpy an idiot ("eediot", to quote the character) and slaps him around, quite literally. Ren is vain, spiteful, hyperactive, abusive, and gets irritated (especially by Stimpy) very easily. His lifelong ambitious personality is to have huge pectoral muscles (which somehow, in real life, is uncommon). Ren's name is the real name of Kricfalusi's building manager. He was born on Tuesday the 17th.

Star Wars Obi Wan Kenobi 2008 - McD

Glo Worm 1986 - Wendys


The Bruce (named for Bruce Forsyth, see below) is a species of penguin-like Neopet. Native to Terror Mountain, Bruces have a strong tolerance for cold weather. They are competitive Neopets that excel at dancing and winter sports like ice skating. Bruces are dressed in large bow-ties and usually have a cowlick crest on the top of their heads. In the Neopets Trading Card Game, they are associated with the element of Light.

Bratz 2004 - McD

Motorcycle Oldemark 1994 - Wendys 1

Motorcycle Oldemark 1994 - Wendys 3

Motorcycle Oldemark 1996 - Wendys

Motorcycle Oldemark 1994 - Wendys

Motorcycle Oldemark 1994 - Wendys 2

Kids Next Door - Carls Jr

Discovery Concepts 1998 - Arbys

2009 -Chuck E Cheese

Red Dino - Wendys

Rocko - Hardees

Rocko is a wallaby who emigrated from Australia to the United States, he is the main character and the protagonist of the show. He is 18 years old. He is a sensible, moral, and somewhat timid character who enjoys the simple pleasures in life, such as doing his laundry or feeding his dog, Spunky. He is neat, compassionate, and self-conscious. He wears a blue shirt with purple triangles on it that he has become quite attached to. He doesn't wear any pants. Rocko usually works at "Kind of a Lot o' Comics" (but once worked at Conglom-O where Ed Bighead attempted to make him quit) and his hobbies include recreational jackhammering and pining for the love of his life, Melba Toast. Due to Rocko's benevolence and non-confrontational personality, his kindness is often taken for weakness. He is often taken advantage of by the other characters. Rocko would prefer to live a quiet life, but his reckless friends often throw him into turbulent situations. His most common catchphrase is "______-Day is a very dangerous day", even once saying "Open mic night is a very dangerous night." He is often mistaken for a kangaroo, a platypus, and occasionally a beaver, weasel or even a dog. Rocko has no family name because the writers could not think of a family name that they liked.

Sergeant Shoat N Sweet - Commando Cuffs 1990 Barnyard Commandos - BK

Fur Real 2007 - BK

Animaniacs 1998 - Wendys

Bearista 39th Edition 2005- Starbucks

Washington Redskins

Denver Broncos

Houston Texans

San Francisco 49ers

New England Patriots

Detroit Lions

Blawp - Lost in Space 1998 - Long John Silvers

New York Jets