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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Misdo Club Lunch Box Copyrith Osamu Harada - Mister Donnut

My Melody Cherry 2005 - McD

Bing - Tiny Planets PGP 2004 - McD

Bing: large bipedal white furry alien. Owns TARDIS-like satchel containing useful items.

Badz Maru 2007 Sanrio - McD

Hello Kitty and Teddy Bear 2000 Sanrio - McD

Brown Character 2007 Sanrio - McD

6 Legs - Tiny Planets PGP 2004 - McD

Tiny Planets is an educational website, virtual world, and British television series geared towards children ranging in age from 4 to 7. The website was launched in May 2001 with the television debut on ABC in Australia in October of the same year. The television series consists of 65 five-minute dialogue-free episodes featuring two small furry aliens traveling their universe figuring out important stuff. It is actively licensed worldwide for broadcast and video distribution. Both the series and website is created with CGI animation giving the series a spectacular depth of scale and unique vibrant color.

Kuromi 2007 Sanrio - McD

Jollibee Team Leader - JB

Winnie the Pooh Disney - McD

Snoopy - 55 Years of Peanuts 2005 - McD

Bride Hello Kitty 2010 Sanrio - McD