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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Captain America -BK

Zhu Zhu Pets Yellow with falling Star - BK

Itchy and Scratchy - Simpsons - BK

Bart Simpsons as the fly - BK

Spongebob Purple pants - BK

Mad Mongo

Super Soaker - BK

The Out-of-Sighter

BK Marge Simpson as Cleopatra

McD - Luigi - Super Mario Brothers

McD - Bakugan - Red Orange

McD - Muppets Green

McD - Squinkies Princess

Bouncing Boy

Bouncing Boy is a fictional character in the DC Comics Universe, a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes in the 30th century. He is Chuck Taine of Earth, and he has the power to inflate like a ball and bounce. He received his powers when he accidentally drank a super plastic formula which he thought was soda pop. He first appeared in Action Comics #276 (May 1961). He married fellow Legionnaire Duo Damsel in Superboy #200 and then left active service as a Legionnaire to become a Legion reservist, appearing only sporadically thereafter until Zero Hour. During his period as reservist, he and Duo Damsel were also in charge of training recruits to the Legion's Academy. In the post Zero Hour reboot continuity, he was Charles Foster Taine (Chuck for short) who was the Legion's resident architect and engineer. He has not received bouncing powers in this continuity and was only an honorary member of the Legion. As a maintenance man, he once built a specialty vehicle called the "Bouncing Boy" which acted as a bouncing juggernaut, smashing anything in its way. The name "Charles Foster Taine" is a reference to the classic 1941 feature film, Citizen Kane and its title character, Charles Foster Kane, though in his initial appearance he is simply named "Chuck Taine". He has yet to appear in the "Threeboot" version of the Legion, which began in 2004. The Post-Infinite Crisis version of Bouncing Boy appeared in Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds. Missing in action during most of the miniseries, he and his wife, now known as Duplicate Damsel, finally show up in the final issue to help end the battle against the antagonists and then rejoin the Legion.

McD - C3P0 - Star Wars

White Bear with Bib BABW - McD

McD - Joker Mobile - DC

McD - The Dog - Brown spotted Dog

McD - Pink Pony with flower insigna - My Little Pony

McDo - Squinkies - Elephant

McD - Black Venon - Muscular

I Carly

Speed Racer

Red Ranger

McD - Pink Unicorn

McD- Blue Car

McD Blue with fan Pokemon

McD - Choccat - Sanrio watch

McD - Astoboy in blue shirt - Flying

McD - My little Pony - Balloon

McD - Astro Boy wit white shirt

McD - Tiger TY

Bullzooka Blast - Power Rangers Super Samurai

McD - Tornadus - Pokemon November 2012