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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mr. Yum on Space Ship

Mr Yum Jollibee Foods

Martian Manhunter

Jane Jetson Jollibee Kiddie Meal

Marvin the martian Jollibee Kids Meal Warner Brother Looney Tunes

Lady Moo - Jollibee

K9 Waner Brother Looney Tunes

Jollibee Throw Pillow Covertible

Jollibee in Outer Space

Jollibee Gymnast


Joker Happy Meal October 2011

Jane Jetson Jollibee

Jane Jetson in Space Car Jollibee

Miss Chickee Train

Hetty Throw Pillow Convertible

Hetty Thinking Jollibee

Hetty Spaghetti - Jollibee

Hetty - Jollibee

Fred Flintstones - Jollibee

Fred and Barney in Prehistoric Car

Flash Justice League Jollibee

Erik the penguin in a pool

Dr Elmo Sesame Street Jollibee

Dino Flintstone Jollibee

Daffy Duck Jollibee

Cookie Monster Sesame Street Jollibee

Hetty Top Jollibee

Champ Jollibee

Champ Jollibee

Bugs Bunny - Jollibee

Bluto Jollibee

Betty Rubble -Flintstones - Jollibee

Bert as a Firefighter Sesame Street Jollibee

Bat Man Jollibee

Barney Rubble

Bakugan Red Jollibee 2012