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Friday, September 14, 2012

Megamind Aliens

Mega Man Red Jollibee Oct 2011

Mega man

Blue Hair Betty Spanghetti - McD

McDonalds Fries Transformer Robot Copyright 1987


The Sportsmaster is the name used by two DC Comics villains who used their sports skills for criminal purposes. The original Sportsmaster first appeared in All-American Comics #85 (May 1947), and was created by writer John Broome and artist Irwin Hasen. He was the foe of the original Green Lantern as well as Wildcat. He was first known as Crusher Crock, a frustrated athlete who turns to a life of crime. He was a member of different incarnations of the Injustice Society. He helped capture the JSA using an exploding ball, after which they were hypnotized and then during the Patriotic Crimes he steals Old Ironside. He teams up with (and later marries) the Golden Age villainess Huntress. Later they have a child named Artemis Crock who became the third Tigress. In his later years he spent time behind bars but at least on one occasion was broken out of prison by his daughter - then a member of Injustice Unlimited.[3] Following his death, his body was cloned by a secret organization called The Council for their enforcers (they had previously used Paul Kirk, Manhunter). In the Elseworlds miniseries The Golden Age, set outside regular DC Comics continuity, Sportsmaster's real name was revealed to be Lawrence Crock. he first appears in issue #2, robbing a jewelry store in the same building as the GBS radio station. He battles Alan Scott in a physical fight. According to the mini-series, he had a daughter he could not see and was hoping to earn enough money committing robberies to win her back. Later he joins the forces of Tex Thompson (secretly Ultra-Humanite in Thompson's body). He dies trying to save a little girl from being killed by Dynaman. His death convinces Alan Scott to join the fight. The Earth-One version of the character (see DC Comics Multiverse) had the same name and origin, but was the foe of Robin and Batgirl. He also married his universe's version of the Huntress. After losing a villains versus heroes baseball game, they reformed and have not been seen since. Since the Crisis on Infinite Earths, this version was apparently wiped from existence or merged with his Earth-2 counterpart.

Marlin Finding Nemo Disney Pixar


Madame Alexandra Doll McDonalds Happy Meal

Madame Alexandra Doll McDonalds Happy Meal

Madagascar - Gloria - McDonalds

Littlest Pets White Cat


Lumiere Disney Beauty and the Beast McDonalds Happy Meal

Littlest Petshop Puppy Pink with pink spot McDonalds

Littlest Petshop Puppy Greay McDonalds

Littlest Pets Brown Dog

Littlest Pets Armadillo

Littlest Pet Horse

Littlest Pet Dog Starry Eyed

Little Miss Tiny 1999 Mcdonalds Happy Meal Roger H

Little Brother Disney

Lion King II Simbas Pride McDonalds Happy Meal Cub

Lion King II Simbas Pride McDonalds Happy Meal

Lilo Disney

Snake 2011 Kung Fu Panda - McD

Shifu - Kung Fu Panda 2011 - McD

Komodo Dragon Copyright 2010 PPC Happy Meal TRC China

Kida Atlantis Disney

Kayla in Barbie A Mermaids Tale Happy Meal

Kanga and Roo Disney McDonalds Happy Meal 1999

Juliet the poodle Hotel for Dogs Happy Meal

Jiminy Cricket Disney Happy Meal McDonalds

Jewel Pet Lamb McDonalds Happy Meal

Jewel Pet Bunny McDonalds Happy Meal


Incredible Hulk

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Lamb Littlest Pet Shop

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