Monday, June 29, 2015

Rajah 2000 - McD

Rajah is Jasmine's pet tiger from the Aladdin franchise. His vocal effects are provided by Frank Welker. He clearly loves Jasmine very much and is very protective of her. When the snooty Prince Achmed introduced himself to Jasmine, Rajah attacked him and tore a hole in his pants, although Jasmine implied that Rajah was trying to "play" with Achmed. He is later seen chewing on a piece of Achmed's underwear. At first Rajah wasn't too fond of Aladdin, and often growled at him, but by the end of the movie, he has grown more comfortable around him. Nonetheless, he still sometimes growls at Aladdin as his way of saying hello, which initially concerned Aladdin after the latter returned from busting a band of thieves and retrieving their stolen treasure. During the events of the movie, he gets turned back into a cub by Jafar when he tried to help, although he later gets restored when Jafar is defeated. As such, until Jasmine met Aladdin, he was the only friend Jasmine had.

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